Please find 3rd part of my aileron mod here.

Last time I cut out servo cavities and made all reinforcements in wings. This time I finalize servo mounting and pushrods (also known as piano wires).

I received comments from my experienced RC colleague, he pointed out that rotation point of aileron should be close to servo bracket rotation point. This meant that I had to reverse bracket, now it points forward. This enables more deflection on control surface.

I glued in servos finally. First I put heat shrink on servo, so that I don’t ruin servo itself with glue. This makes possible to change servo if needed.

I added glue on two faces only, in front and behind servo. This is not impossible to remove if I might ruin one servo later. Hopefully they survive though. I have metal gear servos, just in case.

Healing of glue. Kitchen table looks like a small-scale disaster when I am doing my work there. In 15 minutes I can clean up everything and restore full functionality of table. Tested 🙂

In motion it would look like so:

I think that now the wings are ready for assembly, I can actually start building the plane now. Quite promising.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot