I would like to start with an announcement: after long preparations I started with the build. Or should I say “The Build!” maybe šŸ™‚

First I glued in the motor:

Then I glued in cockpit clip bracket.

Then I extended the rudder. Bigger size, Du-Bro hinges and clearance for the elevator. Made of 2 mm plywood, “carved out” with a screwdriver and a hammer. Yes, I worked like a caveman, really sophisticated way šŸ™‚

Notice that the rudder is not glued in place, the hinges are test mounted on picture.

Glued the tail, was very careful to have 90 degrees angle between stabilizers. I want to have a plane that is capable of flying straight.

Test mounting of radio receiver unit. Since the fuselage halves will be glued together I need a bullet-proof solution for the receiver. I thought of carving out some foam in front of it and having servo extension wires going into the front. So that when I will need the rest of those 8 channels I can just plug them in. And then I don’t need to tear down the foam fuselage.

I thought to have the ESC wires in front, slightly carved into the foam. So that when I shall have my FPV mount on place the cables won’t interfere with it. A future-proof build I intend to have.

I used a d 8,5 mm inner diameter plain washer to support wing retainer rod. So that the entry of the hole will not get sloppy with time. Epoxy glued it there.

I secured servo cables onto the wings with small blobs of epoxy. In case of damaged servo it can be removed with some dexterity. In normal use it will not allow the wires to vibrate. I left some length available so that I can connect to the connectors on the fuselage.

Rudder and elevator servos are glued in place. The cable channel could be used to glue there a 20 cm servo lead extension wire coming from the receiver. This will allow me to connect aileron servo leads coming from the wings with ease. Connector is solid fixed in fuselage, easy to connect to. I will mark polarity on the fuselage, ground wire is on bottom. As ground is usually.

Two half parts mostly done.

I even glued in the pushrod wires (bowden) along the fuselage.

Next I will need to locate the electronics to their respective location. The ESC and the receiver need a good fixation and wiring routing. I have a concept already, will develop it in detail.

This build is very exciting. I took my time with the wings and those small details that deviate from the standard build. I know that it is very difficult to have a perfect build from the start but I would like to get as few mistakes in my build as possible. We shall see how I manage.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot