Happy Easter!

I thought of practicing with simulator again, need to prepare for Easystar maiden flight. For this I committed an A.A.S. what stands for Another Act of Soldering 🙂

I had two flat type Li-Po batteries for transmitter usage, one is used in my helicopter radio, the other is a spare. Since the Lama v3 radio transmitter that I use for simulator control is without batteries right now (I used them up for the Turnigy 9X v2) I had to mod that radio. Now it features Li-Po as well.

Back to the practice, I tried to fly smoothly and after a while I tried to coordinate my turns with rudder while compensating with ailerons. I don’t say that I managed well but tried.

I also comment on my pilot errors, you can read my comments during flight.

I think I will practice more until next week, when I may do the maiden some day. This is getting exciting!

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot