The curse is lifted as it seems, spring came to Sweden at last. Now we had 20 degrees centigrade and no rain, a fine weekend for RC flight.

I am joining a model club, the process is ongoing. So I could participate at their field in a semi-approved way, very kind of the club that they allowed. The club is Mölndals Modellflyg, where one of my colleagues is flying.

I took my cameras, all my 3 batteries and went for my second flight ever with Easystar.

Weather was kind to us, gentle wind of 3-4 m/s and no rain whatsoever. Wind was mostly still, some gusts occasionally.

In the beginning there was not a lot of people, so I could fly without spectators. That helps, since when people watch I get nervous. So my first round I could take in a calm way. The second round was a bit more exciting, people arrived and started to watch how I fly. Without intention I managed to provide some piece of flying that raised their interest without doubt. I almost ditched my plane in the grass actually.

What I did wrong was that I flew over my head, too close to judge the vector of my plane. You should not fly directly above head as then you have difficulties judging what vector you fly. I drifted too close and lost orientation briefly. Wanted to turn away and lower a bit but got into a steep dive instead. Almost like a Stuka bomber, well slightly only. Anyhow I got awfully close to the ground, maybe 0,5 meters left. I managed to pull up, but it was close.

I got so embarassed that I lost the language even, wanted to comment my manoeuvre and tell that some wind gust pushed me into the depo but told “I made a joke” instead. Well, it was certainly adequate, since some amusement I caused in the depo anyhow 🙂

What lesson I learned? Do not fly overhead. Fly a bit away so that you can orientate yourself.

I could fly out the juice from all of my 3 batteries, it was great fun. Air traffic increased with time, after a while a lot of planes were in the air. I am not so good at keeping track of them yet, I tried to not fly too close to any of them. I spent almost 3 hours at the field in total, flying time was something 15-20 minutes maybe. At half throttle my plane can fly quite long, my last stretch was a bit over 7 minutes on a battery.

I will need to purchase some battery metering device, so that I can see what voltage I am at. Also I need to purchase a proper charger, charging my batteries takes 6.5 hours with my small charger that came along with my Lama3 helicopter. It can handle 0,8 A current and does not give any feedback on the process. Just an LED flashing.

I hope you like the video, I tried to film some other aircrafts, not only me doing boring ovals.

I think more simulator practice cannot hurt, I need to get more secure in my piloting skills.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot