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As you could read I fixed the electrical problem that arose on 3rd flight. Since weather was promising I took my plane to the office and we went flying after office hours on Thursday.

I had my 2 keychain cameras along with 2 wide angle converters. No hat cam this time, I am working on my updated design.

We had a guest pilot from the office, he is flying a nice DG1000 glider. Something like this:

And we had a moderately tuned (according to the owner, he plans to tune it further) Funjet on 4S battery and some insane motor and prop. Like a missile it flew.

I had some incident again. One of the wide angle converters unscrewed itself, and the bigger half with the lens in front fell off. During flight. Into the propeller and away it flew. I have mathematical chance to find it, I will look next time though.

I made a slow-motion replay of it happening, you can see that it falls off and then blurry image. Since the other half with the macro lens stayed on (has magnetic lock) the image lost focus totally.

I decided to use thread-lock on the remaining converter, CA might create some white fog on the lens itself.

Then I started my plane twice (yes, 2x) into the vegetation. Very embarassing. And once I tried to hand start and failed badly. So my self confidence was quite low in the first part of flying. Anyhow with some careful flying this came to a reasonable level, I had some great fun in the sky.

Our colleague Fredrik was kind enough to record some of my flying with his mobile phone, you can see me from his point-of-view during the second half of the clip. Great recording he made. I just had to align my onboard camera footage and then you can benefit of 3 cameras at once picture-in-picture. I wish I had more cameras, 3 is just enough 🙂

This time I could fly much farther away, as I gain experience I manage more and more. This gives much nicer footage from the air, the area in which we are flying is really beautiful this time. A lot of green and vegetation everywhere, great variation in height as well.

When I flew out the juice from my batteries I started to record others flying. Fredrik made some nice flying with the DG1000, very fine landing and turns.

We had great time again, a nice day it was indeed.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot


Mid July, 2010 it is.

I had some maintenance beyond the normal checking procedure before each flight. Normally I go through connections, bolts and check if something is loose. Cable clamps are tight, no connectors get undone. It is good to do this, otherwise you don’t get any warning and crash.

After every 10th flight it is recommended to do some extra work, lubricate rotating parts, check belt tension. I did that, no problems were found.

We spent some days at a friend and his wife in Hindås. Since he is interested in RC I took my heli. We did some flying in his yard and did some roof checking. I hovered around the house and tried to capture how the tiles are sitting on the roof. No problems were found.

Hovering was pretty challenging. As you get higher the more wind you get. Even if it feels very calm on surface level, at 10 meters you get some wind anyhow.

Hovering just above my head was tricky. I could not really see if the heli starts to bank, I could only track that it starts to drift. Then it is late, I lose maybe 1/2 second reaction time. Tricky.

The biggest problem was however vegetation. Huge trees around the house, a lot of branches which are like death traps for a heli.

Instead of hatcam we recorded with a mobile phone. Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro it is. Quite good quality for a phone, mine records much worse video.

For second half of the clip I skipped tail camera, so you get almost real FPV this time. I like FPV more and more as I do it.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot