I was honoured by being invited to Balltorp field as a guest flyer. I could do my maiden flight there. I took my 2 keychain cameras (fixed on the plane) and my hat cam.

The maiden was divided in two parts actually. HaBoRC kindly offered me to have an instructed maiden and a demo before I do my actual maiden. As I was way too excited to fly I was glad to follow his instructions. We had an average wind with some sudden gusts, you can see the direction on the map in the video.

First HaBoRC checked the CG balance on ground. Was okay, I set it as good as I could. Then he took the plane up in the air and checked if it needs trimming. It was difficult to tell due to the wind, but looked neutral.

Then he checked if the plane is easy to land and drove around with it several times so that I can see how it reacts, how the sight changes with distance, how it “feels” up there. As he made some rounds I got calmed down (somewhat), and then we gave it a try.

I could choose between two options. Either HaBoRC takes off and handles over the radio in the air or I just take off myself. We took one round with the first option for the sake of safety. I landed the plane in the bushes at this point, drove it in the wind (against wind direction to minimise ground speed) and then “dropped” it from 1.5 meters into the higher grass. With a foam plane you can do that unless you do it from higher altitude. No damage on the plane, this time I did not dare to land on the real landing area.

Next time I took the cameras, set up everything during HaBoRC flew with his planes. Had one keychain camera on the nose of the plane. One under the wing, facing backwards and my trusted hat cam, that always gets some smiling faces when people see it. It looks “deeply professional” 🙂

So unless you fell asleep in the first few paragraphs you can see that my maiden was actually several maidens together. The one that you see is a semi-maiden, I gained some bravery and went for it. This time I aimed for a proper start and a proper landing. I was extremely cautious with the wind. My fighter plane simulator experience echoed in my head along with the comments from HaBoRC.

You have 2 types of energy. Height and speed. You can convert one to another. Unless you are low on both you are mostly okay. If you have height and lose speed you can always convert some height into speed through diving. So I tried to fly somewhat higher and medium throttle. I have a 2200 kv motor in the plane with a 6×4″ propeller, this delivers insane power at full throttle. So I had reserve there. The bottleneck is my inexperience and my lack of control.

The control: what needed setting up was the radio actually. I needed to dial in some expo, so-called exponential setting. This makes the center of the yoke movements less sensible, you can control fine movements easily, there is no worry for hard inputs. And with full deflection you have full control surface action. I added 33% on all controls and 20% on aileron due to wind gusts. So I had less sensitive action on elevator, rudder, but a bit more sensitivity on aileron. This helped a lot as I explain it with my funny language.

I took several flights, 5 in total. Practiced round flights, some 8-figures and tried to turn left and right. The Easystar glides so well that I needed to extend my turns above the small lake so that I gain more length. Otherwise I glide over the whole field and cannot slow down.

Later the wind picked up and I almost crashed into the depo area. That one was tricky, I flew against myself and then I had to save it with low altitude and close distance to the obstacle. The camera doesn’t really show the distance due to the 28 mm wide lens setting but it was close enough for me.

This time I landed and decided that it is going to be enough for the day. I flew 5 rounds, gained amazing amount of experience and had great fun. I need to keep up the practicing, I need to have same respect towards the wind and the plane, I think.

Thanks again for the great instructions and the possibility for the flight as a guest.

I think I need to consider joining the club (www.mmflyg.se), flying is great fun 🙂

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot