I purchased some items of true magnificence lately. On DealExtreme you can find all sort of items, but I happened to find something that enhances my recordings at an amazing extent. A wide-angle converter it is, that can be applied onto my keychain (keyfob) cameras.

It is called:

“Universal 13mm Wide-Angle/0.67X Macro Lens Attachment for Digital Cameras and Cell Phones”

and costs 10.37 USD at this time when I write this post. Why is it so expensive compared to some similar converters?

– It has a metal body

– It has a magnetic/adhesive ring (with extra ring if you might need it)

– It has a lens cover even

So I was keen on checking out the quality. Let’s state that the keyfob cameras are not so good quality, I happen to have the worst variant of them.

But I was curious how much worse it can be with an adapter. Well, surprisingly little decrease of quality, it is perfectly okay for my amateur use. A thousand words tell less than an image, so they say, so please find some images here.

And please find here a video of how it does perform. In the video you can see a comparison of both still images and video clips.

I have a clip the magnetic effect even.

I will need to test it further in the air. Next time I will have both my cameras fitted with these converters.

Update of 2011-07-07:

I purchased a 180 degrees fisheye converter even. Same good quality, same magnetic effect. But heavier and bigger. And a lot wider in its view angle. Please check out my comparison video.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot