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My 3rd flight was not without problem. I enjoyed some nice flying during the first 2 batteries, then all of a sudden on the 3rd battery the power just cut out. Had to do emergency landing even.

The problem and its solution is described here, please see my other post.

It feels so that with every flight I learn something new, gather a lot of experience. I would not consider myself experienced yet, just my level is increasing from something very low to something less low maybe 🙂

Flying is great fun. If you just read this and don’t fly yet, do not hesitate. Just start flying, it is certainly something wonderful.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot



I had to do emergency landing last time (on my 3rd flight), lost power totally. I tried to find the problem, I got huge help from my colleague who remembered a similar issue from the past. It was a cable connection that failed.

The symptoms were quite alarming, the ESC booted up normally, I could even steer the plane. But for any power input the propeller just stuttered. When it happened and I was in the air I did not notice the stuttering since air passing by rotates the propeller even at no power. Just upon the very last moment when I wanted to adjust my gliding angle became it appearent. Quite scary it was.

I checked first if the problem persists. It did persist. Then I replaced my 25A ESC to my helicopter ESC that is 40A. Same problem. This helped to rule out quite a lot of items. The only one remaining was the electric motor. This gave me a bit of headache. I just glued it back to its place since it became loose.

Maybe I broke the connection there, where it is in the fuselage? Hope not. I started to peel away isolation from the contacts that are easy to access. The first one was okay, the second one actually was so broke that when I removed the isolation the connector just falled away. The cable just broke.

I decided to resolder all 3 of them. This item was not done by me, the connectors were on from the factory. Maybe they used some wrong parameters upon soldering, I don’t know. Anyhow during last time when I disconnected the motor and glued it back the cable broke and only that stiff black isolation held it together. At low power there was some current flow there, but after 2 flights and higher current draw the electrical connection got severed and the motor just quit on me. That explains the steering also, since it happens on a different circuit it was unaffected.

Now it is fixed, I tested the motor on the balcony. There was much rejoicing on part of my wife who tried to watch TV 🙂

I put some decals on the plane, now it is easier to see it in the air. I shall test this next time when I fly.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot