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My 6th flight was a special one. My wife joined me this time. She is not really interested in RC, but wanted to give me company so she did. While being there she recorded some of my flying even. This gave me some funny footage of me launching the model and landing.

On the other hand she became very bored after a while so this flight was shorter than I anticipated. I could only fly 4 batteries instead of 6. Anyhow it was a good flight, I could do what I wanted during this shorter session.

What I aimed for:

– to fly higher and further away than before,

– to do some basic acrobatic flight

– to not crash on a treetop 🙂

I am proud to tell that I managed all these above-mentioned aims. Despite the strong wind gusts I could fly really high this time. I had difficulties to see the model, I was so far up. Could record some remarkable footage from the area of Arendal. This is the industrial port of Göteborg (Gothenburg) city. On the footage you can see Volvo Bus Corporation head office building, Volvo Museum, and numerous industry buildings along with the container buffer outside of the port. Very exciting location with all the wind mills.

I am getting very good results with my 180-degree fisheye converter. The field of view is good, it really opens up the horizon. When soaring with the plane there are no vibrations that mess up the image. I am getting more and more into gliding actually. The sensation of using the wind and gliding without vibrations from the motor is attracting. I will need to experiment more with gliding.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot


I purchased some items of true magnificence lately. On DealExtreme you can find all sort of items, but I happened to find something that enhances my recordings at an amazing extent. A wide-angle converter it is, that can be applied onto my keychain (keyfob) cameras.

It is called:

“Universal 13mm Wide-Angle/0.67X Macro Lens Attachment for Digital Cameras and Cell Phones”

and costs 10.37 USD at this time when I write this post. Why is it so expensive compared to some similar converters?

– It has a metal body

– It has a magnetic/adhesive ring (with extra ring if you might need it)

– It has a lens cover even

So I was keen on checking out the quality. Let’s state that the keyfob cameras are not so good quality, I happen to have the worst variant of them.

But I was curious how much worse it can be with an adapter. Well, surprisingly little decrease of quality, it is perfectly okay for my amateur use. A thousand words tell less than an image, so they say, so please find some images here.

And please find here a video of how it does perform. In the video you can see a comparison of both still images and video clips.

I have a clip the magnetic effect even.

I will need to test it further in the air. Next time I will have both my cameras fitted with these converters.

Update of 2011-07-07:

I purchased a 180 degrees fisheye converter even. Same good quality, same magnetic effect. But heavier and bigger. And a lot wider in its view angle. Please check out my comparison video.

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot