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I am having difficulties with weather. When I had time for flying weather was not really cooperating. So I did some simulator practice.

I even did some truck simulator practice (you never know when you might need truck experience 🙂

I used Rigs of Rods for this, a freeware truck simulator. It uses a method that is similar to FEA calculations, a mesh structure that can bend and distort according to stress load. Very exciting.

“Rigs of Rods is an open source vehicle simulator based on soft-body physics”

I hope that weather will get better and I can fly shortly.

Update 2011-05-29. Still no good weather. So I made another practice run for you. With some inverted flying.


Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot

An RC bus


I am attracted to heavy vehicles in general, worked with them also along my so-called career. I change company and my colleagues were kind enough to give me a radio controlled present that has close reference to buses. It is a bus actually. A radio controlled bus. Can you have anything better than that? 🙂

The bus is powered by an AAA-size battery. You can use rechargeable ones if you have such. The transmitter is powered by 2 pieces of such batteries. Signal is transferred by IR (infra) light. Since you will not use this model from great distances it is no problem.

There is a highlight that I need to talk about: you can switch on headlights. What a detail!

Please see a quick recording of the device:

I am not fully experienced with the controls but will practice more.

Update 2011-05-14, a bit more control. And offline FPV with on-board recording from the bus!

Thank you for the nice time, I wish you all the best!

Best regards,

Sir Crash a Lot